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Thomson Design is a prominent Aerospace Design Organisation based in Perth, Western Australia.

In the over 20 years we have been operating, we have engineered over Seven Thousand repairs and modifications for local, interstate and international clients.

We share a great passion for Aviation and take great pride in using our knowledge of aircraft regulatory requirements and design know-how to engineer high quality designs in a cost effective manner.

Our work covers all aspects of aircraft engineering design support. We provide relatively routine repair approvals to large scale major modifications such as avionics upgrades and structural modifications.  We also provide weight & balance approvals and changes to maintenance requirements etc, but also undertake significant design and certification projects.

We hold CASA CASR 21M Design Authority.

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Thomson Design currently employs a team of professional aerospace engineers and uses a circle of subcontractors to provided additional resource when required.

The scope of design authority held is amongst the most comprehensive of all Australian CASR 21M offices. All design specialties defined by CASA are held.

An associate company holds APMA Manufacturing and CASA One Off Production Certificate. This enables us to manufacture aircraft parts of all kinds in support of our own designs, or for any other approved design data. Parts can be supplied with a CASA Form 1 Authorised Release Certificate (equivalent to FAA Form 8130 Authorised Release Certificate)

We also  hold a CASA Weight Control Authority to prepare aircraft weight & balance documents, including electronic loading systems.

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Aircraft Design, Modification, Repair, Certification & Approval