Controlled bush fire burning is widely performed in Australia to ignite regions of forest to render them less combustable before fire season begins. In the last 15 years, Thomson Design has collaborated with Raindance Systems Pty Ltd (, the leading manufacturer of Aerial Incendiary Systems in Australia in the design and installation of Incendiary Systems on over 500 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The following are the aircraft models which we have engineered installations:

• Robinson R44 Helicopter
• Bell 206 Helicopter
• Eurocopter AS350
• Cessna 210
• Cessna 208 Caravan
• Gippsland GA8 Airvan
• Bell 47 Helicopter
• Kawasaki KH-4
• Hughes 500D Helicopter
• UH-1H Hueys

This practice of prescribed burning mitigates the severity of bushfires and helps protect lives and property by reducing the build-up of flammable vegetation. For more information about Prescribed Burning please see the Department of Parks and Wildlife link –

The Raindance Systems Aerial Incendiary System in its current 3rd Generation (R3) is the most widely used aerial incendiary device in the world. The devices are compliant with Australian Regulations and feature unique datalogging (GPS) technology for improved safety and reliability. Please click on this link to learn more about the Raindance R3 Aerial Incendiary System