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The Engineering Order is the vehicle in which our aircraft design & modification work is formally applied.  Thomson Design Engineering Orders (EOs) have gone through a rigorous evolution in the past 20 years in concert with Aviation Regulations to its current incarnation today making it one of the most comprehensive Engineering Order systems seen in the industry.  Our EO deliverables typically consist of 3 Sections consisting of the Main EO Document,  the Design Change Document(DC) and the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA).   Internally we generate Engineering Design Reports  for each modification which provides the justifications for the modification and compliance to the Aviation Regulations.   Each EO goes through 2 levels of internal checks before being signed off by our Design Signatory.   Our EO system is designed to work in a modular way to allow quick updates to be implemented for future updates of the EO document minimising additional paperwork if for example an additional Aircraft Registration is required or new modifidations are to be added to the EO.

Aircraft W&B Certification

We hold CASA approval to re-validate Australian Weight and Balance Load Data Sheets for any aircraft up to 20,000kg MTOW.

We also offer Electronic Loading Systems (ELS) which allow pilots to quickly and simply check the loading of the aircraft. The loading envelope is graphically displayed to see the effect of loading at each station as well as complicated variable fuel burn arms. Error messages allow for instant detection of loading errors. A printout will ensure that the CASA requirements for W&B moment calculations and aircraft loading records are met for each flight. Our loading systems are fully customisable for any configuration or operator requirements. Suitable for use on Laptops and iPads.

In addition we also provide paper trimsheets which are a simple paper graphical method of loading the aircraft whilst on remote operations or away from base. All you need to perform are simple weight additions. No more complicated moment calculations!


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When new avionics is added to aircraft, the weight and balance calculation is conducted with the same rigour as required when electrical equipment is added or removed.  This may include any non-required equipment which still may have an impact on the aircraft electrical system.  At Thomson Design we provide Electronic Load Analysis (ELA) for all types of aircraft for both fixed wing and helicopter aircraft.

Our ELA format typically verifies that the aircraft has sufficient electrical capacity in emergency situations for generator failures and in normal conditions.  For larger aircraft our spreadsheet expands to various modes of flight - Take-off, cruise day, cruise night, icing situations, load shedding required, and landing phase.

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